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Starship Mine - 6.18


This episode was brought to our attention by reader Sean R., who started his email with “While “Picard in Die Hard on the Enterprise” (aka Ep 6X18, Starship Mine (best title of the whole series)), might not entice you as it does me, how about the fact that he is wearing a horse-riding outfit the whole time?”

Sean. SEAN. While I appreciate the fact that you respect our position as a fashion blog, anything that can reasonably be described as “[someone awesome] in Die Hard in [a place]” is fine - nay, GREAT - by me.

  • Chris Evans in Die Hard in the White House. (That’s who I was hoping would be in either of the two “Die Hard in the White House” movies from earlier this year.)
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Die Hard in Shake Shack.
  • RuPaul in Die Hard in the American Museum of Natural History.

In fact, one of the few versions of this equation I would not be down with is “Bruce Willis in Die Hard in 2013,” because hoo boy, that one was rough. Let’s all just pretend it’s Christmas and re-watch the original.

Another reader, Rochelle, also requested this one “because, well, Picard carries a saddle around in it and that’s hot.” 


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That needs to be the title of her autobiography.

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this woman.

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Introducing the bit where I lost my shit.

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such touching


much ship

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ladies and gentlemen, our new doctor

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Ranwu Lake #06 (by LucyYoung)


Ranwu Lake #06 (by LucyYoung)


Forgotten Knowledge by Subversive Photography on Flickr.


Forgotten Knowledge by Subversive Photography on Flickr.